Empowerment & Rights

(1) Promoting Rights of the Extreme Socially Excluded People (PRESEPP):

The recovery drug users face twofold trouble from themselves and from their family and society as well. Generally they are not accepted in their family & community even when they come back from drugs, which increase the possibility of re-addiction. More over recovery drug users are not aware of their human rights.

To change the situation KMSS has started this program, which will raise their voice and create enable environment, and develop ex-drug users forum to uplift their rights and access to familial and social set up like other normal people. The program intends to escort this solicitation of poor recoveries into reality. Proper awareness and guidance, community based self-help group formation for collective movement and sustainability, mobilization of available resource and crafting positive responsive attitude towards ex-drug users by their family, society and state will be the stairs for reaching the ultimate goal.

Objective of PRESEPP
Objective No. Objective Details
To aware ex-drug users about their social, legal and health rights to rebuilt their confidence.
To form Self Help Group from recovering Drug Users and develop capacity to demand their rights from society and the state.
To create and strengthen a social support system (enabling environment) to behave positively towards the recovery drug users.
To create a pathway for accessing employment opportunities.
Target Population

(2) Economic Development, Women Empowerment and Rights Program (SHONGLAP Follow Up Project)

KMSS is operating 10 SONGLAP centers in Khulna supported by Strommee Foundation and CODEC for young and adolescent girls in different places of Bangladesh. 20-25 young girls are included in eachs center. As a result around 300 unprivileged adolescent girls were enrolled in KMSS-SONGLAP program in last year. Practical knowledge on reproductive health, primary health care, HIV/AIDS/STI, family law, women and child rights, access to justice, male-female equality, environment and disaster etc are discussed among the young girls in Sanglap centers.Young girls of slum areas are showing interest to participate in the SONGLAP program.


Target Population

(3) Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program:

KMSS is implementing Vulnerable Group Development (VGD) Program under guidance of Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) at all Unions of Farirkat Upazilla under Bagerhat District since January 2014 with a total number of 2858 ultra poor beneficiaries in order to improve their live and livelihood. In order to fulfill the project deliverables, Life Skill Training is providing through formation of groups. In addition awareness sessions are providing for better understanding of self dependence. Furthermore Government is distributing rice/wheat at free of cost in a regular way. All target beneficiaries also involve in savings scheme which also mandatory under this program.