(1) UPHCSDP - DCCS PA-2 & DCCN PA-4, Dhaka & KCC PA-1 & KCC PA-2 at khulna, RACC at Rangpur:

Urban Primary Health Care Project is a unique example of public-private partnership program to provide reproductive and other primary health care services targeting the poor peoples in six major cities. Those are Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Sylhet & Barisal and five municipal towns, such as Bogra, Sirajgonj, Comilla, Savar & Madhobdi in Bangladesh through 24 partner NGOs under ministry of local government & cooperatives. Khulna Mukti Seba Sangstha (KMSS) has been nominated to implement the program in Khulna City Corporation (partnership area KCCPA-1 & KCCPA-2 in 21 wards) and at Dhaka City Corporation (partnership area DCCS PA-2 & DCCN PA-4 in 24 wards. KMSS is running its activities under 04 CRHCC, 24 PHCC & with 04 VCT Centers. To be added that, KCC PA-1 & DCCS PA-2 are also addressing TB diagnosis & treatment for its targeted populating at its project office with collaboration of GFATM & BRAC.

Objective of UPHCSDP
Objective No. Objective Details
to reduce preventable mortality and morbidity especially among poor, women and children, by strengthening the Urban Primary Health Care infrastructure, and ensuring that the poor receive good quality preventative, primitive and curative health services through Partnership Agreement.
to sustain improvements in PHC by building the capacity of Local Government and changing the role of government in the provision of health care services.
Strengthening and reorganization of the CCHD and partners for ensuring effective playing of their roles.
Conduction of operationally feasible research that will help decision makers in choosing a more effective way serving the service recipients.

Services Offered by UPHCSDP at Khulna, Dhaka & Rangpur

KMSS under the guidance of Local Government working at Dhaka, Khulna & Rangpur to deliver services like Reproductive Health Care & Health Rights, Protecting Violence against women Related Services, Providing Legal Support, Create easy pathway to access to Justice, Safe Delivery, Family Planning, Vaccination (TT & Child Immunization), Child Health Care, Management of common and minor diseases and injuries, Management of emerging problems, e.g., Malaria, Dengue, Filarial etc., Control of Communicable diseases, e.g., TB, Leprosy, Mother & Child Nutrition, HIV/AIDS Prevention, RTI/STD Service, Diagnostic services, Health Education and Counseling among disadvantage and marginalized Hardcore Poor, Women & Children. Reproductive Health Care services included ANC, PNC Checkup, Normal Delivery, Scissoring, MR, DNC, Adolescent Health Checkup, Child health Checkup, Ultrasonography, Other Pathological tests & above all General Health Care. Efficient, Experienced and Trained Physicians like MBBS Doctors, Paramedics & Nurse are available to deliver those services by maintaining full quality.

Target Population

(2) TB Control Program, Round-10, Phase-II:

Under UPHCSDP, KMSS is implementing TB Control Program in Dhaka City Corporation and Khulna City Corporation funded by Global Fund and Managed by BRAC. There are 22 DOT Centers at those implementing areas. In those mentioned areas KMSS is covering a total number of 30 wards. KMSS also provide dots to TB patient regularly .Till now KMSS found 448 new smear positive patient from last year and also other 346 patients. (Smear negative, Relapse, Extra pulmonary). KMSS have tested 3102 Suspect TB cases during last year and found 448 smear positive cases. About 625 TB patients were completed their treatment from our 21 PHCC during last year. In addition total numbers of diagnosis were 1333 out of total coverage of 686,390.

Major activities are as follow:

(3) Integrated Urban Nutrition Project (IUNP) :

In line with Bangladesh's Health Population & Nutrition Sector Strategic Plan 2011-2016 and the partner's programme plans, the project intends to identify a range of evidence-based “direct" nutrition interventions with sufficient evidence of contributing to maternal and child under nutrition and integrated them into the daily provided primary health care services. KMSS started implementation of IUNP since February 2013 funded by Concern Worldwide at Dhaka North City Corporation.

Working Area:

Ward no. 6, 7 & 8 of Dhaka North City Corporation (DCCN PA-4)

Objective of the project:

(4) URC - TB Care II Project :

KMSS is implementing TB Care II Project at Khulna City Corporation funded by USAID and Managed by URC. There are 16 DOT Centers at those implementing areas. In the mentioned area KMSS is covering a total number of 16 wards.

Major activities are as follow:

(5) Link Up: Better Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Young People affected by HIV :

With the Financial Assistance from Netherlands Embassy – BUZA, Technical Assistance from International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA), KMSS is implementing Link Up Project Package # 3.5 & 5.3 at 6 Districts (Khulna, Bagerhat, Jessore, Satkhira, Khustia & Magura) of Khulna Division at January ‘2014 under HASAB Consortium. The Traget Population are MSM, MSW, Transgender, Transport Worker, Ghat Labour & Fish Processing Area Workers. So far a total numbers of 6674 participants enlisted under 3.5 & 20664 have been enlisted under 5.3 Package.

Goal Purpose
To contribute to reduced unintended pregnancies, HIV transmission and HIV-related maternal mortality amongst young people affected by HIV (aged 10-24). To increase health seeking behaviours and uptake of quality integrated maternal health, family planning and HIV information, services and commodities amongst young people affected by HIV and uphold their sexual and reproductive rights.