Approach and Strategy Of KMSS

One of KMSS's programming strategies is partnership, working with others. KMSS believes that reduction of poverty and to address the root causes of poverty is not possible for a single organization. For this, a greater social, cultural and political mobilization is inevitable and which is possible only if we work with different organizations (GO-NGO-CBO-Private Sector), individuals and civil society organizations. KMSS will work through formal and informal partnership to be more effective to address the root causes of poverty.

KMSS will work to promote the empowerment of poor and marginal people. This means to KMSS that the development constituency will be enough capable and in a position to develop, plan, implement and monitor the project. Ultimately, this means that the people will be in the center of the development and not outsiders but people themselves will think and implement their development.Providing Essential Services: KMSS believes that people have rights to get services from the government and its' extension departments. KMSS will work to make the duty bearers more responsible to the poor people, but KMSS also recognize that some essential services could not be withdrawn from the poor people, until the people make the duty bearers more responsive to the poor people.

KMSS through its programming always try to facilitate such an enabling environment where poor people can exercise their basic human rights to make their life more dignified and also can come out from poverty through securing livelihood well-being.

KMSS also strongly believe that for promoting the human rights, governance and livelihood well being of poor and marginal people, we have to do advocacy in favor of poor people to different audiences and institutions. As KMSS believes in the non-violent social movement, therefore, advocacy will be one of the key strategies for the organization.