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Working with Others (Partnership):

One of KMSS's programmatic strategies is partnership, i.e., working with others. KMSS believes that alleviation of poverty and addressing the root causes of poverty is not possible through a single organization. Therefore, a greater social, cultural and political mobilization is inevitable and that is possible only if KMSS works with different organizations (i.e. GO-NGO-CBO-Private/Public Sector), individuals and civil society organizations (CSOs). KMSS working approach through formal and informal partnership seems to be more effective to address root causes of poverty.

Promoting Empowerment:

KMSS do work to promote empowerment of poor and marginal population. This means to KMSS that, the development constituency will be enough capable and, in a position, to develop, plan, implement and monitor of the project as a whole. Ultimately, this means that, the target audience will be in the center of the development and not outsiders but they themselves would think and put into practice their development.

Providing Essential Services:

KMSS believes that people have rights to get services from government and its' extension departments. KMSS is working to make the duty bearers more reactive towards the poor people, but KMSS has also recognized that some essential services could not be withdrawn from the poor until the people make the duty bearers more responsive to them.

Facilitating Enable Environment:

KMSS through its different activities always try to facilitate an enabling environment where poor people could exercise their basic human rights to make their life more dignified and also can come out from poverty through securing livelihood.


KMSS strongly believes that to promote human rights, good governance and livelihood well-being of poor and marginalized people, advocacy activities are much needed in favor of poor community to different audiences and institutions. As KMSS believes in non-violent social movement, hence, advocacy is one of the key strategies for the organization.

Program Management:

KMSS has a management team headed by President & Executive Director, which is duly authorized by the Executive Committee to manage the whole organization. Apart from this, Management Team consists of all program heads who generally supervise the regular activities. KMSS has managed all its activities according to the Constitution, Human Resource Policy, Gender Policy, Financial Manual and other ad hoc policies/rules and regulations as and when required.

Monitoring System:

The monitoring cell of KMSS under the direct supervision of the Executive Director exercises an effective and updated M&E system to monitor its program activities. This cell delivers monitoring reports quarterly, half-yearly and annually through which the qualitative and quantitative progress of the programs are assessed by the management and executive committee as well. These reports use to send to respective Project Heads, Management Team, Core Management Team, Executive Committee, Respective Donors, GOB and Others.

Financial Management System:

KMSS maintains its accounts, bill, voucher, cash book and ledgers according to the guideline of its Financial Management Manual. The finance unit of KMSS produces a monthly financial report and the quarterly report of each project is and subsequently submitted to the Executive committee and also to the respective donor of all projects. KMSS use to submit its Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual Program Completion Report, Financial Report and Audit Report to NGO Bureau, Respective Donors and Government Offices in due time.

Our Strengths

Since the beginning of its voyage KMSS has a great endeavor to work with the poor and marginalized population to make them financially solvent and to prevent HIV and AIDS. As a result of this we have stated Income Generation Activities and a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Khulna City Corporation in December 1999 by our own fund.

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