COVID-19 Emergency Response

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As a part of our social responsibilities and particularly in response to Bangladesh Government’s call to help at this global pandemic situation of Covid-19 outbreak, KMSS with the financial support of FCDO, UKaid, and under the umbrella of Concern Worldwide and Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF) took the lead role particularly at Khulna Division by providing a bunch of various collaborative efforts with Health & Family Planning Department, Private Hospitals & Clinics and to the distressed, destitute, widow and disabled populations of Khulna, Bagerhat & Satkhira through providing IPC and PPE Materials and also Cash support.

The UKaid supported KMSS through EHD Consortium which is managed by Concern Worldwide and paid attention to the COVID-19 preparedness and response activities in Khulna, Bangladesh, addressing the health needs through EHD Project. At the beginning of the global pandemic, KMSS committed strong support to scale up health sector preparedness, response and coordination against COVID-19. This includes, via EHD project, deployment of 28 sample collectors (MT-Lab) to CS Office Khulna, one full time Rental Micro Bus to transport Doctor & Sample collectors to all upazillas as well as City Corporation of Khulna. Moreover KMSS provided 22 types of essential medical supplies such as IPC & PPE materials to Health and Family Planning Department staffs of Khulna, Bagerhat and Satkhira Districts including selected upazillas.

On the other hand with the financial assistance of UKaid and technical assistance of Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), KMSS through EPR Project provided cash support by hand and by digital transfer to 411 numbers of target beneficiaries which includes dalit, disable, widow, destitute and hard core poor at 8 wards of Khulna City Corporation and 4 unions of Batiaghata Upazilla @ 2,500 per person. The said support will be provided in 3 installments and a total amount of BDT. 7,500 will be given to the selected beneficiaries.

Apart from that, we are also helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19 across our catchment areas by distributing food, providing gloves and masks, increasing awareness campaigns on hygiene promotion and distributing information leaflets about the virus to vulnerable communities.

Our Strengths

Since the beginning of its voyage KMSS has a great endeavor to work with the poor and marginalized population to make them financially solvent and to prevent HIV and AIDS. As a result of this we have stated Income Generation Activities and a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Khulna City Corporation in December 1999 by our own fund.

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