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kmss chairman Our world has never felt more different and more threatened in the short span of time that the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined lives, economies and directions alike. In addressing the effect, governments, policymakers, business leaders, NGOs and citizens all have had to struggle with the real-time challenges of lives and livelihoods. For KMSS, responding was principally imperative considering our mission to help the community. The reach of this virus is global, but its impact has been disproportionate on people living in poverty and those on the margins of society - precisely the groups KMSS is being worked since the beginning. Fortunately, with the help of our project donors, we managed to contribute to COVID-19 emergency response by awareness-raising campaign, food, IPC & PPE distribution, etc.

Needless to say, for over two decades, our work at KMSS has contributed to Build a healthy society where all people are able to meet basic human needs full of joy and peace. What would a hunger-free healthy world look like? A world where everyone will be treated equally regardless of color, gender and socio-economic status. We all need to push ahead and find new ways to build that world and we must be steadfast in our struggle to create an equitable society. KMSS is committed to serving oppressed, poor, and vulnerable communities. Promote full human transformation and bring positive changes in their lives that eventually contribute to complete sustainable development. We must respond to the emergency needs of the target community especially promising youth, children and women that affecting them physically, mentally, and environmentally.


Dr. Md. Mostafa Kamal

President, KMSS


kmss director The year 2020-2021 was a notable year for KMSS's growth towards accomplishing its comprehensive goals despite the devastating effects of COVID-19. Mountain of challenges was there to climb this year for all of us living today. But KMSS is constantly keen on captivating the means of expansion showing respect to its core norms and values, no matter what. The Strategic and Development Plan of KMSS is equipped under the light of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus, the Organization is subsequently operational passionately for the socio-economic development of the hardcore and ultra-poor population, particularly for women and children.

This year's Annual Report is anticipated to the key activities and accomplishments of KMSS. Following the key principles and strategic values, KMSS has been implementing 10 projects under 5 major thematic areas: Drug & HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, Health Care Program, Human Rights and Good Governance, Economic Development, and Informal Education. Henceforth the yearly report is an intense effort by KMSS to present its engagements to project participants and various stakeholders concentrating our transparency as well as the accountability with success and failure vis-à-vis.

Besides, I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to the President, Executive Committee Members, and General Body Members for their true efforts in terms of providing policy-level decisions over the year. Moreover, I would like to acknowledge all Development Partners, Development Agencies, Government Officials, NGOs, CBOs, and all Stakeholders who have provided their continuous support.

By the grace of Almighty, KMSS steps towards 25 years with a theme ‘Success Past: Dream Ahead’. Lastly, KMSS stubbornly looks forward to addressing new challenges with enthusiasm in the years to come.


Afroza Akhter Monju

Executive Director, KMSS


Our Strengths

Since the beginning of its voyage KMSS has a great endeavor to work with the poor and marginalized population to make them financially solvent and to prevent HIV and AIDS. As a result of this we have stated Income Generation Activities and a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Khulna City Corporation in December 1999 by our own fund.

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