Strengthening Local Governance for Establishing Rights of Local Communities

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Title: Strengthening Local Governance for Establishing Rights of Local Communities (SLG-ERLC)

Donor: FCDO, UKaid and Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF)

Thematic Area: Rights & Good Governance

Thematic Programme Component: Strengthening Public Institutions (SPI)

Project Duration: January 2019 to March 2022

Working Areas: Khulna City Corporation and Batiaghata Upazilla

KMSS has been awarded to implement Strengthening Local Governance for Establishing Rights of Local Communities (SLG-ERLC) at 8 wards of Khulna City Corporation and 7 unions of Batiaghata Upazilla which aims to ensure excluded people’s rights particularly for widow, destitute, extreme poor, old age, disable and Dalit population.

Project Goal:

Increase demand driven and responsive delivery of public services through strengthening community people and rights holders’ engagement in the development process at local level.

Outcome-1 (Development):

13045 Poor, marginalized and excluded people receive services from local level public service institutions.

Outcome-2 (Governance):

19 (LGI-12 and PHC-7) local public service delivery units improve their governance through citizen engagement, enhancing transparency and accountability.

The proposed action will be addressed following a 3-problem during the project period. Such as:

1. Poor access to local governance services including Social Safety-net, safe drinking water, primary health care services for the poor and marginalized communities in proposed project areas

2. Poor and marginalized people especially Widow, People with Differently Able and Extreme Poor are not organizing poor aware on LGIs services and their services, and less capacity with poor leadership of them. So, that proposed project will address it and enhance their capacity by organize, training and enhance access to LGIs services.

3. Situation of Local Governance, Social Accountability, Right to Information is the very poor for the proposed target audience in the proposed project areas. Therefore, the proposed project will be addressed all of these through promoting democratic governance and accountability at local governance level, e.g. Union Parishad& Health Centre, Upazila Parishad & Health Complex, City Corporation, WASA and Govt. Hospital.

Also, the project would address women empowerment and violence against women by engaging relevant government authorities and public representatives.

Project implementation strategies:

Strategy-1: Community mobilization and empowerment

Strategy-2: Use of Social Accountability tools

Strategy-3: Citizen Engagement in institutional functions

Strategy-4: Interaction between the service provider and service recipients

Strategy-5: Coordination among development agencies

Target Population

Hardcore, Ultra Poor, Destitute, Disable and Dalit

Our Strengths

Since the beginning of its voyage KMSS has a great endeavor to work with the poor and marginalized population to make them financially solvent and to prevent HIV and AIDS. As a result of this we have stated Income Generation Activities and a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Khulna City Corporation in December 1999 by our own fund.

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