Environment Development and Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

KMSS always do believe and try its level best to help poor, vulnerable and distressed population of our society by any means. As a part of our social as well as national responsibilities and particularly in response of Bangladesh Government’s urge of helping SIDOR, AILA, Bulbul and Amphan affected helpless people; KMSS took a brawny part on those calamities. KMSS participated in shape of giving shelter and distributing relief activities at SIDOR, AILA, Bulbul and Amphan affected coastal areas in the Southwest region of Khulna. KMSS specially gave emphasis in Bagerhat & Mongla where they are being involved in IGA. KMSS has distributed adequate quantity of relief items among genuine cyclone affected people as per their capability. Our field expertise identified real affected people in both areas with consultation & coordination with Local Government, make list and distributed relief items in presence of Local MP, UP Chairman, Members and local elites.

At September 2016, KMSS phased out from implementation of Security, Market Access, Rights and Transparency in Coastal Bangladesh, SMART Project in collaboration with ICCO Cooperation and CODEC at 5 upazillas under Khulna District. Those are Rupsha, Digolia, Fultola, Batoaghata & Koyra Upazilla.

The overall goal of the said project is to Improve and change the condition of (10%) most vulnerable HHs of (45) most risks prone UZs of coast through a holistic, cross-cutting approach:

1) Safety - Creating resilience to natural disasters through strengthening local support structures.

2) Market Access – Enhancing HH productivity and income through improved techniques and building new market points for vulnerable farmers to sell collectively and in bulk at higher prices.

3) Rights – Working with the vulnerable to establish their rights over “Khas land”, water bodies. And also Working with the artisanal fisher folk and labourers of Mechanized fishing boats to secure rights

Essential Healthcare for the Disadvantaged in Bangladesh (EHD) Project

At present days KMSS, EHD project is working successfully with the disadvantaged people in Bangladesh specifically people from coastal areas ensuring their essential healthcare, education and awareness regarding Disaster Management. The program aims to contribute to improve health outcomes of poor and disadvantaged people in remote areas by increasing access to and use of affordable and good quality essential health services. The program will apply an adaptive approach to identify models that make use of innovations to deliver a package of essential health services and are financially and operationally sustainable. KMSS EHD project has already distributed early warning system equipment to 25 union Parishad of Dacope and Morrelganj upazila as well as Satkhira and Morrelganj municipalities. Total 17 item 1657 quantity of early warning equipment’s are distributed. Among the distributed items some are, Super rechargeable mega phone, heavy duty siren, first-aid box, stretcher, life jacket, rechargeable radio, torchlight, flag and rescue kids etc.

In addition, KMSS EHD project has plans to distribute early warning equipments for the targeted population in our working area. CPP volunteers from the intervention areas will be oriented on disaster management and how to use those early warning equipments. KMSS, EHD project will disseminate awareness raising sessions and education sessions among people from coastal areas who are in high risk of Natural Calamities. More than this we sit with the cyclone center management committee once in every 3 months to ensure proper management and use of the cyclone center. Under the EHD project advocacy meetings are conducted for Providing Health Services at the Cyclone Center during disaster and Climate Change Issue at Remote areas.EHD project also facilitated to activate / reactivate and strengthen Existing disaster Management Committee & Support to deal with climate change issues in project working areas.

Water, Sanitation, Arsenic

In addition, KMSS together with Rotary International are working in Khulna City Corporation to aware mass population on drinking safe water, use of healthy sanitation, drink arsenic free water and other different environmental issues in a regular way. Since 2004 we are engaged in this sort of social activities. So far, we installed 250 tube wells, 300 sanitary latrines, planted 1500 trees and gave awareness among near about 15000 mass populations on various health related and other environmental issues.


Our Strengths

Since the beginning of its voyage KMSS has a great endeavor to work with the poor and marginalized population to make them financially solvent and to prevent HIV and AIDS. As a result of this we have stated Income Generation Activities and a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in Khulna City Corporation in December 1999 by our own fund.

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